Papaya’s purpose

Our purpose is to create a beautiful and equal planet through hair products, everyone's right to pursue beauty should be respected

We celebrate human diversity. We believe that equal rights exist among all people around us. We are committed to respecting the equal rights of employees around us and the rights of people in other communities. We hope that through our actions, more people can be affected.

We help cancer people persuit beauty.

We accept hair donations from everyone and make free wigs for people who lose their hair due to cancer.

We support our employees.
We believe that when our employees feel tolerant, respected and empowered, they will transform their enthusiasm and creativity into innovation, thus helping us to better serve all customers.

1.We strive to lead all employees with equal pay, and we provide equal employment opportunities for women

2.We have established a sound system to invest in the education rights of our employees, and we develop more professional employees

3.We are committed to producing our products in a safe and ethical manner, and we respect everyone's right to healthy products.

4.We respect human rights and adopt zero tolerance for any form of child labor or forced labor.

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