Papayahair Product Safe Guarantee

Human Hair Are Safer Than Synthetic Wigs

Natural wigs do not use chemical products, providing more safety guarantee. Natural wig doesn’t tend to cause any type of skin problems and infections.

Natural hair has longer life

Natural hair can ensure that the cuticle of the hair is aligned, the width is more uniform, and less knotting and falling off. This means that natural hair is of better quality and longer life than synthetic hair

 Papayahair insist to use raw virgin human hair

In order to ensure the quality, papayahair use luxury grade imported raw virgin human hair that has not been chemically processed and is of premium quality 

Wherever there is long hair, papayahair will send people to purchase. papayahair not only buy hair in China, but also go abroad to India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Myanmar,  Mongolia and other overseas procurement markets.

papayahair get hair in Indian temples. The Indians have the custom of donating hair for sacrifice in temples. This kind of hair is of good quality and not easy to tangle. Real and intact Indian hair is very popular.

Papayahair also buy hair from Burma,Some people sell their hair because of poverty.  Donors are usually young women. Usually they tie their hair into a braid and cut the hair closest to the scalp.

In order to be able to track and manage hair conveniently, papayahair has established a barcode for each hair to ensure the traceability of the quality of each product, and also allow customers to shop without stress.

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