Tips on How to Clean and Care for the Headband Wig

In recent years, the popular headband wigs are popular among women because of their fashionable style and convenient wearing.
Compared with other types of wigs, the headband wig is easy and convenient to install. It does not require glue, or cut of lace etc. A more prominent advantage is that the headband wig cap is breathable, so that girls will not feel sultry in summer.

 The headband wigs look fashionable and novel. They can be shaped into high pony, low pony, half up half down, hair bun and other shapes, and can be decorated with different patterns and colors of hairbands to change your daily appearance, hairbands Can be reused for a long time. Headband wig is a big savings for girls.

With the advent of summer, more and more girls like to wear beautiful headband wigs to show their charm. But because of the hot weather, sunlight and sweat will cause some damage to the headband wig. In this case, cleaning and caring for your headband wig is very important.
Papayahair provides some tips on how to clean and care for the headband wig, Let's learn together.

How to clean headband wig?

 how to wash headband wigs

1. Before headband wig cleaning, use a wide-toothed comb or your hands to comb your hair to avoid knots and tangles during the cleaning process

2. Use cold water to moisturize the hair. If it is a headband wig that has been worn, you can use warm water to soak for 3-5 minutes to remove residual oil, impurities and sweat on the wig.

3. Papayahair recommends using professional wig shampoo, which can reduce the damage of chemicals to the wig and effectively extend the service life of the wig. Pour the shampoo on your hands, gently rub the foam, and then use the foam to wash your hair. Generally, you need to knead for 5 minutes to remove the grease and other impurities adhering to the hair.

4. When rinsing the hair, start from the top of the wig. Washing the hair from top to bottom can rinse off the shampoo faster and reduce shedding and tangles.

5. Squeeze out some moisture from your hair, or you can use a towel to absorb the moisture, which is better. Apply a highly moisturizing conditioner evenly on the hair to maintain the shine and health of the hair. This needs to last for one minute. Finally rinse with running water

6. Use a clean towel to soak up the moisture, place it on the wig holder, and let it air dry naturally. It is best not to dry the wig with a hair dryer, because the wig has just been cleaned, wet hair will be more fragile, and the heat of the hair dryer will damage the hair. After the wig is dried, you can use some essential oils to make the hair look more shiny and maintain its softness


How to maintain headband wig?

How to maintain a wig

The materials used to make the headband wig are breathable, and the hair under the wig can be well ventilated to take away the summer heat.
The headband wig is very convenient to use. If the headband wig is properly maintained, usually the headband wig can be used for 1-2 years. Papayahair provides you with the correct maintenance tips, which will help extend the life of the headband wig.

1. In summer, many girls go out shopping, travel will wear headband wig, it is so attractive. However, strong outdoor sunlight and impurities in the air can damage the wig. Regular cleaning is very important

2. Let your headband wig rest. Girls may rely on the Versatile of the headband wig. They often use the headband wig for styling and wear when going out, but the headband wig also needs rest. In order to prolong the service life of the headband wig, we recommend that you change your wig frequently and prepare an extra pair of wigs. They are used interchangeably. Avoid being exposed to the sun and the air every day

3. When you are not wearing a headband wig, place it on the wig holder or human head mold, and use high-quality hair care oil to keep your hair moist, shiny and soft

4. When taking a bath or sleeping, take off the headband wig, the friction between the hair and the pillow will damage the wig, knot and shedding . headband wig is quick and easy to install, and you don’t have to worry about it in the morning in a hurry.

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