Papayahair New Arrival - Colored Bob Wigs, Human Hair Wigs

The autumn season means a busy season, and various festivals follow one after another. We are ready to congratulate in advance.

Papayahair has prepared some new products-Bob wig color hair, so that you can have more choices in the coming holidays!

In this article, you will learn:

1. What is a bob wigs

2. Why we choose Bob wig?

3. Features of Bob Wig

4. Where can I get a bob wig suitable for holidays?


1. What is Bob Wigs

Bob wigs are suitable for women of all ages. There are multiple styles to choose from, which can modify the face shape; allow you to match different clothes on different occasions; show your personality charm etc.


2. Why we choose Bob wig?

Want to get simple in the busy? a bob wig can help you!

The low maintenance cost is the reason why many women pursue success. If you want to try a short hairstyle but don’t want to cut your own hair, Bob wig is definitely the best choice. Even, you don’t have to take time to visit the hair stylist, so you have extra time to do other things. 


3. Features of Bob Wig

Variety of styles: Bob wigs can meet different needs, straight/curly, long/short, natural color/color hair,lace front wigs/ wig wig bangs. Papayahair is selling the above styles.

Easy to wear: Human hair wigs are easy to style and wear, and Bob wigs are short and can be handled more easily.

Save your money: The wigs sold by Papayahair are all affordable, and the price starts from $80. You can get a satisfactory hairstyle without going to the salon to cut your own hair. Bob wig is also easy to store, and it can be used for 1-2 years in good storage, which saves a lot of money for you.

Eye-catching: Bob wig has natural and colored hair, and its clean and refreshing styling makes you stand out from the crowd. The Bob wigs sold by Papayahair are made of high-quality hair. The hair is very comfortable and shiny. It is dazzling no matter from which angle it is viewed. It is 150% density and thicker.


4. Where can I get a bob wig suitable for holidays?

 Papayahair new product Bob color hair is the best choice for holiday hairstyles.


Hair Material: 100% Unprocessed Human Virgin Hair, natural and healthy, soft and bouncy, no shedding&tangle free.

Density: 150%, full $ thick, Invisible lace can match your skin tone, realistic hairline and baby hair, giving you a natural look.

Length: 8-14inch, 103G-157G, Meet your different needs

Hair color: blonde 613, orange, pink, grey, purple, blue, bring a unique sense and make black women more fashionable.


Papayahair NEW ARRIVAL Bob Wig with Bangs



Bob wig with bangs is short and clean, showing your charming collarbone and neck. The bangs can be divided according to your preferences to modify the shape of your face and make up for the deficiencies on the face.

Hair Material: 100% Unprocessed Human Virgin Hair

Density: 150%, full $ thick

Feature: cute and beginner friendly, no glue no gel, protective hairstyle

Length: 8-12inch

Hair color: ombre 30, ombre 27, ombre 99j, natural black, bring a unique sense and make black women more fashionable.


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