How to put on a headband wigs?

Headband wig is a hot topic on social networks, and it is friendly to beginners and lazy people. The wig is easy to install, if you don’t know how to wear it perfectly, let Papayahair introduce it to you.


How to put on a headband wig?

Step 1: Comb the hair into a bun or braid it. Apply some baby hair to make your hairstyle look more natural.

Stpe 2: Put on the wig, and the wig should be placed a few inches from the hairline to blend the natural hair strands perfectly.

Step 3: Headband Wig has 4 combs and adjustment straps. Place the comb under the position you want and adjust the tightness according to your head circumference. Stick the Velcro on the back, and then confirm that the headband wig has been fixed and will not fall.

Step 4: Match a beautiful headband according to your mood and outfit.This is the magic of the headband wig, it is versatile, it can make a variety of hairstyles to make you full of energy in the summer





 What are the advantages of wearing a headband wigs?

1. Headband wigs are no lace and glue-free wigs, which help prevent your scalp from being damaged by chemicals. We all know that lace wigs need to be fixed with glue, The hair follicles on the hairline scalp will be damaged by glue. Long-term use of glue will cause hair loss. Headband wigs will help you have a beautiful hairstyle and protect your scalp.

2. Ordinary wigs are pre-plu hairline in the factory, so you can choose from, but the headband wig is to let your scalp breathe, it is your own hairline.

3. For beginners and lazy friendly, installing headband wig does not require too complicated process. Ordinary wigs like lace wigs need to be bleached and glued for installation, and it takes several hours to install a wig. And headband wig only needs Put it on, and go. It only takes a few minutes to put on the wig, which saves us a lot of time in our daily life

4. Affordable price. The headband wig is a mechanical wig, which saves a lot of labor cost and time cost compared with the lace wig that needs to be made by hand. And in terms of materials, the headband wig uses a breathable wig cap, and the lace wig uses a high-priced lace, which greatly reduces the production cost for the manufacturer, and the price is also affordable for every woman.

5. Fashionable style and versatile. The headband wig can be used anytime, and can change the style as you like. all hair down, half up half down, high ponytail, low bun ect. On social platforms, many influencers have shared their headband wig styles, up to 15 types. 

6. You can use different headbands to set off the outfit of the day. Buy headband wig at Papayahair and give away 7 fashion style headbands for free.In terms of color, density and texture, Papaya Hair also provides a variety of options to choose from. You can contact Papayahair's customer service to customize the wig you want.


 Q& A of Headband wigs

Q1: Is my headband wig easy to fall off

A1: Choose a wig that fits your head circumference. The headband wig sold by Papayahair has a wig structure with 4 combs, adjustable straps, and a headband with Velcro. If you think these are not stable, you can use clips to fix them.

Q2: How to choose a wig suitable for the head circumference. 

A1: Use a ruler to measure your head circumference, because each wig comes with an adjustable strap, because we recommend that you buy a larger wig than a smaller one

Q3: Will wearing a headbandwig make others discover that I am wearing a wig

A3: The headband wig sold by Papayahair is 100% made of human hair and has a natural appearance, allowing your hairline and wig to match perfectly.

Q4: Will frequent use of headband wig cause my hair loss or scalp damage?

A: Headband wig is a protective wig that will not affect or inhibit the growth of natural hair. The headband wig is also an easy-to-remove wig. After you go out for a party, you can take it off when you come back to let your hair breathe the air. Installing the headband wig does not require the use of glue, gel and other chemical products, so it will not cause damage to the scalp. The effective way to avoid damage to the scalp is to clean the hair frequently.



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