Why U Part Wig is a New Trend? Things You Need to Know Before Buying U Part Wig

We have been pursuing convenient and quick installation wigs to make our life easier.
In addition to headband wig you can choose, u part wig is a new and popular trend on the market. It is considered a good wig for beginners and is a simple and easy protective hairstyle.

Want to buy a u part wig, how much do you know about u part wig? Learn with Papayahair.

 You will learn from this article:
1. What is u part wig
2. Advantages of wearing u part wig
3. What is the difference between u part wig and lace wig
4. How to install u part wig
5. Where to buy good quality u part wig


1. What is u part wig

The u part wig on the market has synthetic hair and real human hair. The Papayahair online store sells 100% real human hair that has not been processed. U part wig is the same as its name, with a U-shaped hole on the top of the head and no hair. It can be designed in the middle or on the side. This design can make the wig blend with your natural hair, and the natural hairline is more obvious.

The u-shape hole of u part wig is equipped with a clip, which is used to fix it when wearing it to prevent it from falling off. There is also an adjustable strap on the back of the wig to fit the size of your head.


2. Advantages of wearing u part wig

  • The raw material is 100% human hair. There are less tangles and shedding, and it can be ironed and dyed according to your preference.
  • The perfect fusion with your natural hair is a major feature of u part wig. Choose a wig that is not much different from your hair texture, which can naturally cover your bad hair and achieve a perfect hairline
  • Comfortable and breathable. No need to wear a wig cap and no glue needed. The clip on the top and the adjustable strap are enough to hold the wig firmly on your head, and you can easily get a new hairstyle.
  • No glue needed, protective wig are friendly for beginners and sensitive scalpers. The clip of the wig will not cause damage to your natural hair. Hair that has not been chemically treated is very friendly to people with sensitive scalp
  • Affordable price, u part wig is a machine-made wig, the production time and cost are lower than that of lace wig, so it can be known that its price is not high

3. What is the difference between u part wig and lace wig

  • For the wig cap, the forehead of the lace wig is transparent lace, and the top of the U part wig is a U-shaped hole. This can make the wig blend well with your natural hair, exposing your scalp and hairline, making the appearance more natural
  • The installation position, according to personal preference, u part wig can be installed in the middle or on the side
  • The price is cheaper than lace wigs. u part wig does not need to use lace, so it does not need to be made by hand, which reduces the cost of raw materials and time, so it will also affect the price
  • Easy to wear to reduce installation time. This is an easy-to-install wig, which is considered a protective style. You can install it in two minutes, and you can take it off before going to bed.

4. How to install u part wig

Step 1. Determine where you want to install, in the middle or on the side. And leave a part of U-shaped hair on top of your head. Braid the remaining hair. Try to flatten

Step 2: Put on the wig from the u-shaped part, and clamp it on the hair with the clip on the u-shaped hole on the wig to make sure it is stable.

Step 3: Comb the hair just left out, cover the edge of the top of the u part wig, and iron it with a heating tool. The wig and natural hair blend perfectly.


5. Where to buy good quality u part wig

We introduced synthetic hair and human hair on the market. We recommend buying human hair u part wig, which can be permed and dyed.
If you want to buy affordable u part wig, you can buy it on Papayahair.

 The u apart wig of Papayahair has two textures: body wave and straight hair.

Hair Color :Black
Hair Material:100% Unprocessed Human Virgin Hair

Straps adjustable
Circumference:22.5 inches,standard medium

Wigs Style:Upart Glueless wigs,no glue, no lace ,fashionable and stylish short hair wigs looks natural, very pretty and feminine, soft touch.

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