2021 Summer You Are Worth A Try Short Pixie Cut Wig Hairstyle

With modern changes and women's pursuit of being unique, a new trend became a fashion hotspot in the 1960s. This is pixie wig. More and more movie stars cut their hair into this sexy and boy-like short hair.

Sexy and cool hairstyles make beautiful women unique in the eyes of people around them, exuding self-confidence. Nowadays, Pixie wig is becoming more and more common, and more and more people want to try it.

In fact, many women do not want to cut off their long hair, so they turn to wigs to achieve attractive hair goal. If you are interested in the trend of Pixie, but don't want to cut your hair short, shop our variety of Pixie wigs.

Papayahair offers 4 different fashionable and charming pixie cut wigs. Whether your hair is too long and not ready for cutting, or your hair is too short to get the style you need, it can be solved here in papayahair.


1. Bob with Honey Ombre Bangs #1B06

This is an amazing bob wig, a perfect match of natural and ombre colors. Exquisite colors make you have the full attention on the stage. It is a modern, fashion-forward wig.

2.Supple and Sweet Bob Wig with Bang
This is the most popular one that can give you a sweet and delicate look. This hairstyle is very flattering. This hair is very light, it can make you feel cool and comfortable in hot summer. It's also a bob Pixie wig with long length. You can choose the hairstyle according to your needs
3. Bob with Side Irregular Bangs
Have fun with a bold, asymmetric pixie. The flexible layering makes the hair more natural, so you can keep the front of it sleek or simple. It's a hairstyle with magical energy that can make you look younger.
4. Mommy Pixie Cut Short Bob Hairstyle
The fashionable curl has a straight lock on one side and a slight finger wave on the other side, making this wig look super fashionable. It achieves a sweet and beautiful appearance perfect for you.




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