What You Need to Know Clip in Hair Extension

Beauty is a woman's nature. A woman will do everything she can to seize every opportunity to dress herself up. According to the data, the average woman spends more than $300 a month on appearance, including clothing, cosmetics, skin care and hair care.

Surprisingly, the money spent on hair care products is considerable because of damage caused by the use of chemicals and bleach.

Therefore, wearing clips at hair extensions is an effective way to replace harmful chemical dyes and change hair styles

For women who are keen on fashionable hairstyles and colors and dream of having thick and long hair, clip in hair extension are their ideal choice. Why do they become one of the essential hair accessories for many women in the world? Let Papayahair introduce you clearly.


Why use Clip in Hair Extension?

You can save time and money to go to a hair salon and keep your hair fashionable when you need it. Clip in hair allows you to avoid the effects of bleaching, chemicals and heat, prevent your hair from becoming fragile, dry and easy to break, and reduce hair loss and other hair problems. Using clip in hair will solve all these problems and protect your hair in just a few minutes.


Where can I buy the best clip in hair?

Clip in hair extension made by human hair, each product of Papayahair is cut from the healthy hair of young donor. With high quality and proper care, the life span of hair can reach 2 years or more. Papayahair clip in human hair extension is becoming more and more popular, not only because of its high quality, but also because of its choice of various trendy style and colors.

Papayahair is available in different sizes (long, medium and short), so you can choose the one that suits your needs. In addition, the diversity of texture is also advantage of Papayahair, which is mainly composed of wavy, curly and straight styles and different colors (such as black, brown or gold, etc.)


How to use clip in hair?

Clip in hair is a type of hair extension with clips sewn on the upper of the hair bundle. They are easy to wear and can be perfectly combined with your real hair, which is not easy to be found. It will not cause pain, long-term adhesion or damage to hair during wearing. Clip them directly into your hair and get a new look in a few minutes. It's so easy to have longer, fuller hair.

How to care clip in hair extension

Papayahair clip in hair extension is made of human hair, so it needs to care for clip in hair just like your own hair.

Before you use clip in hair for the first time, you should clean your hair and clips. Use your usual shampoo. Before cleaning, you can comb clip in hair so that there are no knots or tangles, so that it is easy to clean.

After cleaning, put it on the wig rack and let it dry naturally. It will prolong the service life of your hair. In normal use, you don't have to wash your hair every night or even every two nights, just once a week or every two weeks. 

How much clip in hair should I need?

Depending on the amount and needs of each person, you can choose the effect you want to. We recommend that you buy at least two packs to increase the volume. Want to pursue longer hair and more hair, it is recommended to buy 3 packs.

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