Short Pixie Cut Wig Good for Wigs Beginners This Summertime

May is approaching, which means summer is not far away.

In summer, wearing a wig is not a good thing for women.

Especially for women who like long hair wigs, the wigs are heavier and may cause overheating when you are outside enjoying a good time.

Summer is a good time to change your style, why not try short hair, which is lighter, more convenient and cheaper.

Here are some human short wigs that we recommend, this summer, when the temperature starts to heat up, you can try them to keep it cool, comfortable and stylish.

Bob Style Wigs:

In movies and TV shows, we often see celebrities throw off their long hair and turn to short and stylish Bobs. We all admire them.

Among them is because the Bob hairstyle match is very harmonious for everyone. Bob does not want to be as heavy as a long wig, which can increase the clarity of the chin and highlight the cheekbones. Bob's short hair is light and easy to wear. The classic fashion style makes women unforgettable


Bob with Bangs Short and horned, this is our most popular short hair wig.
Choose a Bob with bangs. The bangs on your eyebrows can modify your face shape and add a sense of mystery; the side bangs exude a low-key, relaxed atmosphere, simple yet stylish

 Beach Wave Bob Wig:

Hairstyle like summer beach waves makes people scream.
They are funny, like jumping fairies. If you want loose, cool girl waves, ideal for short-haired bobs with beach waves.

This is a very light wig that makes you feel comfortable outdoors in high temperatures. Papayahair's wavy bob wigs are available in different lengths & colors, creating a natural-looking and relaxing hairstyle.

 Air Bangs Sleek Bob Wig:

This is a new product from Papayahair, very modern and cool.
If you don't like heavy bangs, thin air bangs will suit you well.
The sleek hair is combed back. It is a forbearing and comfortable hairstyle. It is a hairstyle suitable for everyone. It has an amazingly smooth ceiling appearance.

Papayahair wigs are perfect for all summer, if you are looking for and keep cool, this is a great choice. The lace front structure is comfortable, soft and looks extremely natural.

Sleek Middle Part Wig

If you want a short wig but don't want to be as short as Bob, we suggest you choose this hairstyle. The length between the chin and the shoulder.

The middle part will never be outdated and looks very cool. This hairstyle is very classic and stylish, very suitable for casual summer style.
This is also a semi-lace hairstyle, which is very invisible, comfortable and safe. 



This is our recommended hairstyle for short hair. Short hair has many benefits, especially in the hot summer, when the air feels thick, it will increase the sense of refreshing and comfort.

Browse Papayahair human hair natural short hair pixie styling, there are various colors, textures and length options, we are sure you will find what you like

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