How to fix heat damaged hair


At some point in your journey of dressing up your natural hair, you may make a choice that is to heat your hair to achieve a curly or straight hair style. But this is the problem. Excessive use of these heated styling tools can seriously damage your hair.

If your hair is damaged by heat, the heat from tools such as hot combs, hair dryers, and hair straighteners will cause the cuticle of your hair to lose moisture and dry out. To prevent this kind of heat damage, you can apply a heat protectant to your hair before styling. In addition, you can also use the hair dryer to replace the heating tool to achieve your favorite hair style. The hair dryer will have less heat than the heating tool, or try other heat-free methods to straighten natural hair.


But as long as it touches the heat, it will cause more or less damage to the hair.

How do you know your hair is damaged

The manifestations of heat damage to hair include:
1. Extremely dry hair
2. The end is cracked and easily broken
3. Hair is often knotted or tangled
4. Hair that is difficult to comb or comb
5. Hair falls a lot due to combing


If you have at least three of the above phenomena, then you are in the stage of hair damage

How to repairing heat-damaged hair?

Cut off damaged hair

We recommend cutting off the damaged hair at the ends. This is the best way to repair damaged hair. Take some scissors and cut off the unhealthy ends of the split ends. For those girls who like long hair or don't like short hair. This is also the fastest and most painful way, because not everyone is willing to give up their length. However, if you don't want this quick method, there are other ways to repair this thermal damage and restore your hair to health. Continue reading...


Trim your hair regularly

Set a period of time, such as one month or two months, and trim your hair once. The length is controlled to one-half inch or one inch. This will not only remove damaged ends of the hair, but also promote hair growth.


Don't neglect the conditioner in the days of washing your hair!

It is a huge mistake not to condition the hair after washing it. The conditioner makes the hair gentler and prevents hair loss and thinning. After using the conditioner, the wavy hair looks healthier and brighter. We recommend focusing on product ingredients when choosing the best conditioner. Argan oil, coconut oil and aloe vera are great for repairing heat damage.
After washing your hair, you can dry your hair naturally and quickly with the help of a microfiber towel. Therefore, the hair dryer does not need to be used, or at least the drying time can be reduced. This avoids contact with heat.


DIY hair mask

Black women prefer DIY hair mask, which is also very suitable for heating damaged hair.
Natural products are extremely effective for hair care. Milk and honey are very convenient and helpful to make hair masks. Mix ½ – 1 cup of milk (it depends on the length of your hair) and 1 tablespoon of honey. After washing your hair, apply it to wet hair and let it sit for 15-20 minutes. It can be repeated twice a week to effectively repair the hair.
In addition, you can also use another excellent treatment method is to repair avocado hair mask. Take 1 avocado fruit, 2 eggs, 1 tablespoon of honey and 1 tablespoon of coconut oil. Mix all the ingredients, apply to the hair, let it sit for 20 minutes, and then rinse off.


Use protective style

If you want to make your hair long and don't want to spend a lot of time waiting. You can cut off a lot of damaged ends, and then braid or twist the hair to protect the style. Consider using some protective wigs, so that you don’t have to worry about short hair, and you can have a charming look while growing your hair. You can continue to use protective wigs until the damaged hair is repaired.

Recommended protective wigs
The use of wigs is a common thing among black women, and lace wigs are the most natural and invisible. The disadvantage of this kind of wigs is that they need to use glue and gel, which will damage the hair to a certain extent.
Protective wig (headband wigs) are becoming more and more popular. Not only this kind of wig can bring the same appearance as lace wig, it also does not need glue and other tools with chemicals.
After making the braids, put on a wig cap and apply a headband wig. It's as simple as that. You can complete a hairstyle in 5 minutes. This is definitely a easy and protective wig.


Papayahair provides a variety of headband wig textures to match your natural hair. Straight, body wave, kinky curly, kinky straight, messy wavy, jerry curly. The length is 8-28inch.

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