Why is headband wig still popular in 2021

1. Reasons for headband wig to reoccupy the wigs market in 2020

Lace wigs has always been the most popular hair product for black women. In the past 2020, due to the customs policies of some countries, there was a shortage of lace products in China's hair manufacturing industry. This has led to the rise of the price of lace products.

Manufacturers want to re launch some products that don't need lace, So they came up with products without lace. That is machine made wig. Unlike lace products, which need to be made by hand, machine made wigs means the wigs made by machine with the sew in hair.

The machine made products launched by the manufacturer include headband wig, sports cap wig, u part wig, hair wigs with bang, etc.

Among them, headband wigs have been loved by women like never before.


2. Reasons for the popularity of headband wigs

a. What is Headband wig

The headband wig is to sew the hair on the soft cap and connect it with the headband

b. Benefits of using headband wig

Quick and convenient hairstyles. No lace or glue involved. Change your hairstyles in mins. Protective style can cover thinning edges. You don’t need to worry about edges

c. A variety of modeling options

Popular style options include: wearing it down, top-knot, half up/down and a high pony. You can also accessorize with a fashionable headband. 

d. Affordable price

Machine made wigs save time and labor costs for manufacturers, so the price of headband wigs is affordable to most people


3. Why is headband wig still a popular trend in 2021?

There is no doubt that headband wig brings convenience to people.
Although the current export policies of some countries allow lace products to be imported into China, the price of lace is still very high.
In 2021, headband wig is still the best choice for most women.





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