What is Capless Wig? Things You Need To Know Before Buy a Capleass Wig.


If you are tired of heavy and complicated wigs, traditional capless wigs can become a new choice.
Many people will wonder, what is a capless wig? What is the difference between it and ordinary wigs?


1. What is Capless Wig Mean?

The capless wig is a special wig structure, Use hair waeves or hair curtains to be sewn on a thin strip of elastic material. Traditional capless wigs are made of solid fabric on the top, and open wefts are used on the sides and back to improve ventilation.
Capless wigs are also called non-lace wigs, machine made wigs, and traditional classic wigs.


The capless wig has no lace. You don't need to use glue when wearing it. You can finish a hairstyle quickly when you wear it, usually within a few minutes. Therefore, this kind of capless wig brings convenience to people, especially for African American women.


2. Details of Capless wig

The capless wig is light in weight, can naturally simulate hair and keep the airflow smooth. The capless wig is very similar to the lace front wig. The only difference is that the top has a highly breathable mesh net, and each hair is tied to it by hand.

The structure of capless wig can make your scalp more breathable, it will not make you feel hot, slightly itchy, and sweat
Because of the open space between the hair wefts, its ventilation is also excellent.
Capless wig's light weight, convenience and comfort are one of the reasons why it is popular.

It is more considerate at the price and convenience.


3. Advantages of Capless

The advantages of wigs: cheap but good quality, natural appearance, wear without glue, no need to do too much work.

Cap size: average size (head circumference 22-22.5 inches), adjustable straps. Wigs are safer, more flexible, easy to wear and remove. The wig cap is equipped with an elastic band, which can be adjusted and fixed according to the size of your head.

Capless wig has many styles and a variety of colors to choose from. You can wear human hair wigs on many special occasions, such as daily wear, role-playing parties, theme events, evening clothes or other events.

Affordable price: The price of a certain capless wig is usually between 50-100 US dollars, which is mainly determined by the length, color and hair quality.


4. Where to buy capless wig?

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